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Hồ Chí Minh, Fraud Risk Manager | Việc làm Ngân hàng/Chứng khoán/Đầu tư

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Mã tin 1079426
Ngày đăng 09-11-2018 09:26
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Địa chỉ công ty:
Ngôn ngữ trình bày hồ sơ: Bất kỳ
Cấp bậc: Trưởng Phòng
Yêu cầu công việc
- Minimum 5 year experience in finance crime compliance or fraud investigation, fraud management
- Minimum 7 year Banking experience
- Understanding about Corporate products, process, procedures
- Strong communication skill, both English and Vietnamese, be able to influence stakeholders
- acumen
- Understanding about industrial, and regulatory trend
- Legal background is preferable
Fraud Risk Management, Risk, Fraud
Mô tả công việc
Fraud Risk Management supports the development and implementation of fraud strategies and monitors systems and processes to minimise fraud across the organisation. It is also responsible for liaising with clients and external parties to monitor and resolve fraud issues and working with internal fraud operations to ensure prevention strategies are effectively implemented.

Role holders will carry out activities that will include most of the following:
* Work with ASP Fraud Management team to prepare and control Fraud Risk Plan for stakeholders in country level.
* Directly influence the operational effectiveness of the functional/functional unit
* Co-ordinate and manage projects. Typically, works on large, moderately complex projects/assignments
* Support decisions through advice, counsel or services in area of specialisation
* Accountable for delivery against prescribed targets, budgets and resourcing and responsible for volume, quality, and timeliness of end results
* Act as initial point of escalation
* Adhere to and actively support established policies and procedures in own team

* Provide 2LoD Fraud Risk Steward support to WSB and GB&M including but not limited to support initiatives and RCA review by:
* Reviewing the fraud implications of new/ amended products and processes, identifying potential risk and recommending appropriate actions/ controls to assist in managing risk within agreed risk appetite.
* Reviewing the internal and external fraud cases, conducting fraud trend and modus operandi analysis, providing comprehensive feedback on fraud risks in the areas reviewed and recommending appropriate remedial action if applicable; including the implementation of controls or training/ awareness programmes.
* Reviewing 's proposal of BIM/ FIM dispensations related to Fraud Risk and providing guidance/ recommendations to in understanding the potential impact and applying appropriate controls to contain the risk as per risk appetite.

* Attending fraud risk industry meetings/ conferences, including meetings/ workshops arranged by external organizations/ law enforcement parties by:
* Attending and effectively inputting in relevant meetings, sharing and adopting 'best practices' and providing appropriate guidance to relevant stakeholders when required.
* Significantly competent in communicating effectively and convincingly with internal and external stakeholders of all levels.
* Boost Fraud Risk Awareness by:
* Ensuring fraud awareness within the bank, delivering Fraud Risk Awareness training/sharing sessions to various functions within WSB and GBM.
* Issuing Fraud Alerts to draw staff's attention on latest Fraud Trend and recommending staff actions so as to mitigate the risk
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- according to company's policies
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